The Xymogen SA Personalised Script Store

XymoScript® is our new online platform enabling registered practitioners to place orders for patients delivered directly to them. XymoScript® is the only online script platform authorized by XYMOGEN®USA.

Registered Xymogen practitioner will enjoy a retail mark-up on all purchases made by your patients.

Why XymoScript® ?

  • This platform reduces your need for inventory freeing up your cash flow.
  • Orders are shipped directly from our warehouse to your patients
  • Patients make payment on orders you place using our XymoScript®/NetCash payment system
  • You will receive a retail mark-up with every order shipped directly to your patients.
  • Patients who relocate or cannot get to your offices, can always remain your patients!

How does XymoScript® work?

  • To make use of XymoScript®, please click here to request login details. Once you are in possession of your login details you are ready to order!
  • By placing patient specific orders on the XymoScript® platform, each order serves as a prescription for verification of practitioner and patient information.
  • All pricing on the XymoScript® platform is at the recommended retail price
  • Once the order is placed by you, a Proforma invoice will be sent to your patient followed by a link for payment of the invoice. Patients will be charged a delivery fee determined by their location either in municipal areas or outlying locations.
  • With use of the payment link, the funds will reflect in our bank. With automated payment confirmation the order will be prepared for shipping directly to your patient.
  • As with stockist website (wholesale pricing for purchase of inventory) confirmed orders on the XymoScript® platform received by 1pm will be shipped the same day.
  • The retail mark- up on XymoScript® sales will be paid out every sixty days to you and cannot be offset against your stockist account balance with us, should there be one.
  • The retail mark-up for XymoScript® sales is set at 18%.
  • Practitioners who wish to make use of their stockist account and keep inventory can still order as before and enjoy a higher retail mark-up on sales.


We will endeavour to make this a speedy process. Combining authorization and payment processes we plan to ship orders within a 24-hour time frame.

The XymoScript® platform is launching on Friday, July 1st, 2022.

Sign Up Here to use the XymoScript Service

Should you be interested in participating in the Script platform service, please complete the form below. This will enable us to provide you with your Unique XymoScript® Login username and Password

We are very excited about XymoScript® and look forward to a great 2022 with you and your patients!